Nail Polish Declutter

Hi guys! I finally got around to going through all of my nail polish collection..mind you I have over 200 so I regretted doing it. I found quite a few that I don’t use anymore and a bunch that were just plain no good…I did learn from going through all my polish that I have a ton of colors that are the same! I definitely need to stick to that no-buy again. P.S. polishes are in the same order as they as listed in the pictures! 

The first brand I’m going to start with is ‘Studio M’..this brand is only sold at Meijer stores that I know of..Michigan based. When I was younger this was the brand I used the most but now I don’t use them. They also go old very quickly if they aren’t used regularly..they get goopy and just discolored. The ones I throwing away are: Frenzy, Wicker Park, Power Pack, Fast Austin, Hydrangea Kiss, Perfectly Pink, Power Pink, Whose That Girl, and Blue-Ming. The quality is good for the price you pay, they are $2.99 here. There were a few that I used that has difficulty drying bu I don’t remember which ones.

Next is the beloved brand ‘Sally Hansen’, I’ve bought this brand off and on for years but the colors I’m getting rid of I don’t use much or I also have almost the same color in another brand..why have 2 or 3? no point. The names are Tan Lime, Pink Punk, Total Flirt, and Coral Reef. I love their polishes just no need for these!


I also found a few more that were each from different brands. One is Wet n Wild’s French White Creme, I just bought a new one because this one is gone! Love this white! Next is Pure Ice Outrageous, I’ve had this color for years, so it’s time to go. Finger Paints Fall of Surprises, I got this one from somebody and it ended up drying up fairly quickly. Sally Hansen Triple Shine Dive In, I love this color but I noticed it’s been discoloring. I only used a few times but it’s no good. Last one is China Glaze Purple Panic, this one is empty & dried up but I just recently bought a new one..I love how China Glaze polishes dry so quickly.


I did find a few clear coats that I thought I’d share. First is Nutra-Nail’s Speed Dry & Strengthener  this one has been used and dried up. LA Colors Rapid Dry, I used this a few times and it never dried my I’m ditching it. Seche Clear, I love this base coat but it’s empty. The one flaw I have about it, is that you can never use it all because the brush doesn’t reach so there’s waste. Unless, I keep it until I buy a new one and pour the rest in. NYC Strip Me Off, I tried to use this once but it was such a goopy mess. The brush doesn’t even apply it well because the bristles are stuck together. I may purchase another just to see how it is..maybe mine was just the bad one of the bunch. Last but not least is Sally Hansen No you maybe able to tell..this went yellow. I’ve had it for a while though so it’s understandable.


Sorry for another long post but that’s all the polishes I decluttered! My collection is a little slimmer now..planning on another declutter soon though.

P.S. I was just rummaging through my nail polish trying to find a color and a discovered another bad one! This one is Sinful Colors in Amethyst..I forgot I had this color and now I’m going to have to go but another one. This color is a pretty plum purple that’s nice to wear in the fall. Mine is just dried out. Also, I apologize for the blurry pictures! Not sure what is going on, I’ll figure it out though.



Chat later!

  • Liz

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