Nails #25 – Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Tear It Up, Gold Medal, & Twilight Twinkles

Hi guys! I’m back with another nails post! I recently purchased a few polishes from Sinful Colors Luxe Fragments line..and I wanted to use the pretty blue one I bought as an accent to a mani. So here’s how I did.

I began with using Sinful Colors Endless Blue on my thumb & pinky nails. I love this color but rarely use it do to the blue color it leaves when you take it off..but I found a good remover that helps with it. This one also has a little stronger fume than other polishes. Anyway.

Next, I took the Sinful Color Luxe Fragments Tear It Up and applied it to my index and middle nails. I did apply 3 coats of this color just to make it more I said in the post I did about the line, they have a gel like texture.

Lastly to add another accent, I used Sinful Colors Gold Medal and Sinful Colors Twilight Twinkles on my ring nails. It tied this mani all together!

here’s the final product.


                                                                                        Sorry for the blurriness


Chat later!

  • Liz

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