Making Polymer Clay Beads..

Hey guys! I just thought I would share one of my favorite hobbies with you all. I got into polymer clay a few years ago while watching youtube videos. I started off by making different clay charms..from food to animals all sorts. I ended up getting tired of making charms because I had so many and I ran out of ideas.

Anyway, I started making beads! Of course they are simple to make but hard on your hands. I just sit and roll circles in different colors. Sometimes I mix colors to make unique ones too. I have made a bunch of different necklaces with them. I’ll share a few below.

I have found out that rolling/making beads has been a relaxing technique for me..if I have a bad day I come home and roll beads and just relax while doing something I love.


You can buy polymer clay and any craft store even Walmart..but I prefer the brand Sculpey it is good quality and the price is around $2. The clay you can buy at Walmart is good quality for a beginner..and that is around $1.

To make the beads you will also need a bead reamer to make the hole for a string. Everything to make them is pretty simple!


Chat later!

  • Liz



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