Dark Halloween Themed Nails..

Hi guys! I’ve never been so into doing Halloween manis before but right now..I can’t stop searching pinterest for inspiration and come up with ideas. This time I decided to go with darker colors..I don’t think black nails but I’m fine with dark gray nails..haha.

Colors used (they are all from sinful colors)

  • After Dark (Kylie Jenner Collection) – this is a dark gray that has texture like sand paper feeling. i’m loving this color.
  • Deja Boo – this is a glitter over coat, suppose to glow but doesn’t really. It has multi-color small glitters along with white ghost. i did have trouble grabbing the ghosts though but I was able to get a few. this is one of the polishes they released for Halloween this year.
  • Cauldron Couture – this is also a glitter over coat. it has green glitters along with black glitters..there are a variety of sizes.
  • Kiss Nail Art Polish – in the color black..love their nail art polishes!


I painted all my nails with after dark. I choose to do my designs/glitters on my index, middle, and ring nails. I just made 2 lines and lines made lines to cross the lines..hope that makes since on my index nails..kinda like scars? Then I used cauldron couture on my middle nails. Lastly, used deja boo on my ring nails. I ended up getting 2 ghosts on my left hand and 1 on my right hand.

Anyway..this was kinda of a darker Halloween mani. Doesn’t have much going on but enough to make it seem halloweeny.

Chat later!

  • Liz

p.s. were you able to find any of the sinful colors Halloween polishes this year?


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