Wax Melts!

I’ve always loved candles and just over the past few years I’ve gotten more into wax melts. I first started over buying from Scentsy and then I moved over to just buying wax melts from my local Walmart. You can find them normally for around $2 dollars there. I don’t really have a favorite scent but love light floral scents, bakery or candy scents, as well as holiday scents that don’t included cinnamon, pumpkin or spices. I’m allergic to a lot different spices and have just come around with not liking the smell of pumpkin at all! In this post I’m going to share some thing new scents that I just recently picked up and some that are just my favorites! They are mainly either Better Homes and Garden or ScentSationals brand.

  • Fresh Apple Orchard (BHG) – I’m a huge fan of apple smells and this one hits it on the head for me. It mainly reminds me of macintosh apples..perfect for the fall season in my opinion. It has a really nice scent throw..meaning it has a strong scent. Totally worth it. img_3252
  • County Fair (ScentSationals) – On the label, this one talks about funnel cakes and kettle corn. To be honest, it’s got a really sweet scent to it with maybe a hint of fruity-ness! I warmed this a lot this summer..and I hope I can find another. Scent throw is in the middle.


  • Wild Berry Cheesecake (BHG) – I’m not sure if this compares to the real smell of cheesecake because I’ve never ate it. You really smells different berries..definitely blueberry and blackberry, I think. The throw is really good..this is a favorite.


  • Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon (ScentSationals) – I expected a lot more out of this one. I don’t really smell peppermint at all just vanilla and a coffee scent. The throw isn’t good either..doesn’t smell much in a medium room. I haven’t tried it yet in a smaller one, maybe throw will be better. (LIMITED EDITION)


  • Apple Blossom Freesia (BHG) – I bought this one because it’s a light floral plus it smells really fresh and clean. Similar to a fabric softener fragrance! The throw is pretty good too.


  • Buttercups & Bluebells (BHG) – I’m horrible at remembering what flowers smell like so I’m not sure if this compares to this but what I do know is it has strong floral throw! If your not one for floral..don’t get this. I happen to love it. (LIMITED EDITION)


If there are any scents that you have seen that you think I might enjoy, comment them below and I will look for them!

Chat later!

  • Liz



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