Halloween Themed Nails

Hi guys! I jumped on the Halloween bandwagon a little early and did some nail art. There’s so many ideas that I got from Pinterest and I just want to try them all!

The polishes I used for this mani are indie polishes..if you don’t know what they are I’ll explain. They are handmade..typically either 3 free or 5 free..which means there isn’t any harsh toxins or anything. They are made by independent small businesses! I’ve just started branching out to different ones.

These came from Drip DropNail Paint..you can look it up online by that name. Her polishes are amazing! I own about 8 or so. She typically does different grab bags and you get 3 polishes. I purchased the Halloween one and got theseimg_3233.

I painted all but my ring fingers with this pretty mint green with different color glitters (green, lime green, and purple). Next I took the orange which has orange and red glitters and painted 1/3 of my ring finger..then took the solid purple color and painted another a third. Lastly, I took the green to fill in the rest.img_3319



To do the nail art, I took a black nail art paint from Kiss and painted lines where the polishes meet..and then did lines across them. I used my dotting tools for the polka-dots. For the spider web, I kind of just winged it. It wasn’t easy but I think it turned out good! Pinterest was my friend/inspiration for this mani!


Chat later!

  • Liz

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