Final Nail Polish Haul – Polish No-Buy

Hi guys! This is going to be my final nail polish haul for hopefully..a month! I need to step back from purchasing polish and love up on what I have. I also need to sort through my stash and clean out what ones I don’t want anymore. All of these I’m going to share are from the Kylie Jenner Collection with Sinful Colors…I promise there’s one more post after this one about one polish and then I’m done talking about them for awhile, haha!

Koral Reef: This one caught my eye because it’s not a light coral more of a darker one. It’s a solid matte color without shimmer or anything. It does remind me of a few colors from different brands but I picked it up anyway. img_3227

Magik Touch: I don’t normally buy light color that are close to white but I purchased this one. It’s got a purple/blue tint and it’s just unique to me. It is a shimmer matte and that’s where the purple and blue hints come in.


I Klove You: Since it’s Fall I had to grab this one..I was a little iffy at first because it is dark but I convinced myself to get it. In the end, I think I’m going to fall in this with it this season! It has brown/red/gold hints to it. It’s also a demi-matte. 


After Dark: I grabbed this one because I thought of winter and the dark gloomy days we would make for a perfect winter mani. This from the demi and bling line, I have 2 other colors from this line and I like the texture it has..don’t have any textured polishes besides these. 


Karots of Kargo: Finishing the post off with a gold glitter polish. I was hoping this was like after dark..a solid gold polish that leaves texture but I was wrong. It’s just a gold glitter over coat in my it won’t build up to opacity. Still, I’m happy with buying it. It is from the demi and bling line but not 100% like the others in the line.     


If you have any opinions on this polishes, I would love to here them!

Chat later!

  • Liz



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