#Nails 19

I decided to put my favorite colors from the Kylie Jenner collection all together into one manicure.

Colors I used:

  • Kurtain Kall – blue
  • Silhouette – lilac purple
  • Kool as a Kukumber – light green

This was a pretty simple design I choose..I found it on pinterest. All you do is apply a base color..I choose a blue. Next, you take another polish one that can be oqacue in one coat..I choose a light purple. You do three downhill swipes. Lastly, I took a light green, this one should also be oqucue in one coat..mine wasn’t but I still think it worked. You do the same pattern just leave space of purple polish to show through. Easy as that!



I love how these colors paired together and it turned out beautiful.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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