Silhouette & Curtain Kall Swatches

Hi guys, I’m back to posting weekly finally! After a tough battle with muscles aching and then having seasonal allergies on top..I’m feeling better. I thought I would share some swatches of the polishes I talked about in a haul a few posts back..I only have 2 out of the 3 to share but good enough.

  1. Silhouette – I didn’t think I would be so obsessed with this color but it’s so pretty! Turns out to be a purple lilac color and to me I see a slight pink tint. The polishes were also suppose to have a gold shimmer to them and in a few I’ve tried I haven’t seen it but you can with this one. The polish does go on smooth and dries quickly. It does dry with a half matte/half shine but since I don’t have a matte top coat, it’s always shiny. This color will make a nice spring mani!
  2. Kurtain Kall – This one turns out to be a really pretty sky blue! I’m kinda obsessed with this one as well more than I thought I would. It’s it own color of different tints like aqua or turquoise to it. It does also have the gold shimmer when in the light. The facts are basically the same as Silhouette.

If you do know of a good matte top coat, please share! I’ve been trying to find a good one but haven’t yet.

Chat later!

  • Liz



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