Another Nail Polish Haul

I’m so obsessed with the new Kylie Jenner Nail Polish Collection and I think you guys can tell..look back on how many times I’ve wrote about them, haha. Well..I ended up getting 3 more. The one thing I still don’t quite get about them is the different subtitles. Like some have the word angel, some velvet and satin. If you understand them, let me know!

  1. Demi-Matte Velvet: Silhouette – This color is so pretty I couldn’t pass it up. It is a medium lilac color that has a gold shimmer in the light. My first impression of it in the bottle is it screams SPRING to me!
  2.  Demi-Matte Velvet: Kurtain Kall – I’m always attracted to blues first and this one stood out. It’s a medium blue shade that reminds me of a few I own but don’t have img_3006this exact color. This one also has a gold shimmer in the light.
  3. Matte Satin: Fuschia U! – I haven’t bought any red shades in her collection besides the denim and bling one so I grabbed this one. When in the bottle it throws more of a pink/red shade but when applied it looks more red than fuschia in my opinion.

Stay tuned to my blog for swatches & manis using these colors.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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