Book Review & Suggestion

I go through these phases were one month I enjoy reading and the next I hate it. I tend to just read memoirs/biographies or anything non-fiction but lately I’ve been trying to get into fiction. Although, the books I’m going to talk about are for younger pre-teens/teens, I think anyone would enjoy these.

I read the book “The Giver by Lois Lowry” years ago in school but I picked it up again last year and read it. Some people I think would get bored with it but it kept me locked in. It’s about a boy named Jonas. He lives in a community were parents only have 2 children, a boy and a girl but they are not biologically theirs. They live based on a routine, it’s the same thing every day. All community members have kids go to school and then go home, parents have jobs and then go home. Kids get assigned their jobs once they get up to the age or year as they call it. Well, Jonas ends up beginning assigned a special job that only happens once every so many years. I don’t want to give out any spoilers because to me, every part in the book was interesting! If it sounds like something you’d like, read it!

The second book in the series is called “Gathering Blue” and I just finished this one a week ago! I read it so quickly because it was one of those books, you just can’t put down. It’s about a girl named Rue. Her father died and so she just lives with her mother. They live in a community as well but they sleep in tents, I believe with cots. Her mother has a talent of sewing and Rue ends up picking it up. Well, her mother ends up getting ill and dies and then Rue is left alone..she doesn’t have anyone else. She ends up living in the place, the rulers live in with a few other people that have special talents and can do things for the rulers. She ends up becoming the threader, and she meets the craver and the singer in the building. She ends up having a learn more techniquie that her mother never was able to teach her so she meets with an old women named Annabell who knows everything about sewing and the how to make the different colors of thread but she has to discover how to make the color blue. That’s all I’m going to say about this book as I don’t give any big spoilers.

I totally suggest reading theses and the others in the series..I’m working on the third! They are so good and keep you locked in until the end. They do leave you hanging though, which I hate but makes you read the next.

Chat later!

  • Liz



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