Nails #17

So I ended up one night just wanting to play around with some colors that I’ve never used before to see if I liked them. I purchased these two a while ago, probably a year ago!

The color I used on all my nails is: Sinful Colors Island Coral. In the bottle, I personally hated the color but after I tried it, I’m starting to like it. It’s more like a blandish pinkish color or maybe a dusty rose? That’s what I thinking. It’s really a pretty color that would work for a light spring mani. It applied well and only needed 2 coats like normal.

The second color I used just to try out a new technique on my ring finger was Sinful Colors Unicorn. I’m not one that normally buys yellow polish but something told me to buy this, haha. In a way, I regret buying it but after trying it I might try to use it more often..mainly in the spring. It’s not a bad yellow, it’s just a light pale yellow with maybe a hint of tan? It reminds me of the sand on a beach but with more yellow. It applied well when I was doing nail art but I didn’t use it enough to determine how many coats it will need for a whole nail.img_2918

The nail art technique I tried out was using a regular paint brush that you use for crafting. It didn’t turn out too bad but I need more practice. I’m not too big of a fan of seeing brushstrokes.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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