Another Nail Polish Haul Feat. Drugstore Polishes

Lately, I’ve been trying to play around with some inexpensive drugstore polishes to see how they compare to more expensive drugstore polishes and just to see how they are in general. So, I picked up 2 and I’m happy to tell you about them. IMG_2752

  1. Wet n Wild: Who is Ultra Violet- This was one of the cheapest polishes I could find at my local Walmart. Price was just under a one dollar. I was drawn to this one because it reminded me of a more expensive polish that I have and want to see how it compares. This color is a mix of purple and violet and they make a great combination. 


  2.   Pure Ice: It’s All A Bluer- This was was priced just under $2 dollars still inexpensive. I used to use this brand a few years ago and then I stepped away from it because there wasn’t much of a variety of colors. I picked this one because it’s deep periwinkle and it has different shimmers of color in it like blue and pink which is cool.


Stay tuned for a first impression/review on them! And I might do a dupe post of inexpensive to expensive polishes. 

Chat later!

  • Liz



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