Candy Corn Flowering Plant & Etc.

I thought I would share a few pictures of my tulips that blossomed this year along with a new plant that I found at my local flower shop called a Candy Corn Plant. 

I planted 3 different colors of tulips..not sure of names that they are called.

They turned out so pretty and so photogenic this year! I can’t really pick a favorite because they are all pretty! The pink ones were the tallest and last to bloom. They lasted for quite a few weeks which I was surprised!

Now the candy corn plant I found is suppose to get 8ft long or tall. It’s a vine plant but hasn’t gotten to big yet. The flowers are the coolest part because they are similar to the candy corn coloring. This plant likes hot temperatures and loves the sun. I had it inside but then it started to dry up so I moved it outside. Here’s what it looks like along with the first flower!

Just thought I would share my flowers with you & hope you enjoyed them!

  • Liz

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