I’ve got an obsession with sunflowers, I love them! I ended up getting my parents to redo their kitchen into a sunflower theme, haha.

This year, I decided I’m going to finally try and grow some. I got 2 different seed packets, One type is called Mammoth and the other is Pike’s Peak. I got the mammoth ones growing in a flower pot and the other’s I just planted in the ground a week or so ago.

The ones in the pot took about a week to start growing and here’s what they looked like a month ago & then what they look like now!

The Pike’s Peak ones are just starting to come up through the ground and here’s a photo of what one looks like. They are suppose to get 15 feet tall! That would be amazing. I ended up planting the remaining Mammoth ones in the ground too.


I believe the Pikes Peak ones are on the bottom and the Mammoth ones are on top but I could be wrong, haha. 

I’ll keep you’ll updated on their growth. Chat later!

  • Liz

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