Favorite Spring Nail Polishes

Since it’s now spring and the weather is finally acting like spring, I thought I would share my favorite spring nail polishes. I have a mix of cheaper drugstore polishes and then a few that are higher end drugstore polishes. Into the polishes..

I’ll start with the pinks first.

  • Essie’s Cascade Cool: I love this one for spring. It’s not a light light pink but yeah it’s not a bold pink. Also, when I look at I feel like it’s a purplish pink, maybe not haha. –
  • Sally Hansen’s Back to the Fuchsia:  This one is a long time favorite of mine and it’s my go to polish for the spring & summer! When you look at this one it has a purple shimmer which in the sun you definitely see! IMG_1816.jpg
  • Nicole by Opi’s Something about Spring:  Spring is in the name so it’s definitely a spring polish. This is a darker kind of pink but still great for spring! IMG_1817.jpg
  • Wet n Wild’s Dreamy Poppy:  You can’t have spring polishes without a coral! To some this may not look like a coral but to me it is. I love to pair this one with a turquoise in the spring/summer!

Now to the purples.

  1. Opi’s Lucky Lucky Lavender:   This is a purplish pink in my book as well. How could it not be in my spring polishes? haha. I love how this one applies as well, 2 coats in all you need!IMG_0468.jpg
  2. Essie’s Lilacism:  This is such a pretty light purple that has a light grayish tint when applied. Light colors are my favorite during spring though so this had to be included! IMG_0469.jpg
  3. Sinful Colors’s Cheshire China:  This is no joke, I have been obsessed with this polish! It applies so well and dries quickly! The color is a light purple but has blueish tint at times. Reminds me of the color periwinkle! IMG_0470.jpg
  4. Sally Hansen’s Grape Gatsby:  This is another go to spring polish. This is just a quick and easy polish that looks good on it’s own.

Now to the blues/greens.

  1. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple:  My favorite color is mint green so this had to be in my spring polishes! I love this one but there is one flaw with it. You need 3 coats to get a good cover but other than that I love it. Also, in certain light it can look mint green or light blue! IMG_0472.jpg
  2. Wet n Wild’s Be More Pacific: I just recently got this one and it’s now a favorite! I use this with a coral and it’s perfect for spring & summer! It covers really well too!



Let me know if any of these polishes are in your spring category or if you have any suggestions I should try! Sorry about the descriptions, I’m not very good at describing things, haha but I’m trying to get better. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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