St Patricks Day Nail Art!

Sorry, that I’ve been kind of just got in the way. 

Since Yesterday was St Patricks Day, I thought I would share with you the nail art I was rocking. I didn’t do anything to special it was kinda throw together last minute, haha.

The polishes I used were: 

Sinful Colors: Gold Medal 

Sinful Colors: Feeling Lucky? 

Pure Ice: Free Sprit 


I started off by painting my index, middle, ring and pinkie fingers with Gold Medal. Next, I used Free Spirt on my thumb. I let them dry for 5ish minutes..Then I went on with Feeling Lucky on my ring finger.

For the nail art, I took some thin nail tape and placed them on my nails diagonally and then applied Free Spirt over and then peeled the tape off. I put my top coat over them all and then I had an idea. I thought my thumbs looked weird just plain green so I used a dotting tool and tried to make a 4-leaf clover that then turned into a 3-leaf clover.

In the end, my nails turned out okay! I hope this post isn’t all over the place and makes sense! 

Chat later!

  • Liz  




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