Day 7!

What is my favorite color?

I have to say I have a few different favorite colors but they are all in the same family. I decided that I’m also going to explain why each color is part of my favorites.

Teal: I love this color because it has some meaning to me. It stands for food allergy awareness and let me tell you I have a list of food allergies, a few are pumpkin, cinnamon, milk..and the list goes on! I also love this color because it’s a stress-reliever color!

Blue: I’ve always loved this color since I was a child. The one thing that I don’t like is that people say girls shouldn’t like the color blue because it’s a masculine color..wrong! To me, anybody can love/like any color they want. This color also helps with calming and making you into a better mood.

Mint Green: This color has recently become a favorite of mine & I’m obsessed with any mint green! I also seem to relax when I’m around this color and I currently have my room painted in this. Plus it’s a light and fluffy color to mean, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is/are your favorite colors?

Chat later!

  • Liz

One thought on “Day 7!

  1. I love your colors and the meanings they have for you! That’s great! I’ve always been a fan of bright colors. Anything bright. I like how cheery they are! Purple has always been my favorite color, but I also like pinks, blues, greens, and when I’m feeling extra cheery, I like the bright yellows, greens, oranges, etc. 🙂


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