Coloring isn’t just for kids!


Have you heard about one of the latest trends going around? Coloring isn’t just for kids! I’ve always loved coloring but as you get older people would always say coloring is for kids..not anymore! I decided to jump back on the bandwagon and bought an adult coloring book. I color in it pretty much every night before bed!

They say it’s suppose to help relieve stress from the day & help you relax. I say that’s pretty accurate for me. Ever since I was a pre-teen I’ve had issues sleeping..insomnia. It runs in my family. Coloring has helped me though! I spend about 20-30 minutes coloring and I feel so relaxed and calm. I’ve recently noticed that I fall asleep a lot sooner than I used too..ever since I began coloring.

I thought I shared the book I color in and I use just regular colored pencils. I got it at the local’s called Magical Mandalas from Creative Haven! Most of the picture are pretty simple but a few are more intricate and detailed. I’m not into all the intricate ones..simple is my thing.


For fun, here’s some of the pictures I’ve colored..(I’m not bragging or showing off in anyway, just want to show the kinds of pictures there are) 🙂


Do you color? If so, has it helped you relieve stress and make you feel more relaxed? I’d love to hear you opinion!

Chat later!

  • Liz

2 thoughts on “Coloring isn’t just for kids!

  1. Hey your pictures are beautiful 🙂 yes, coloring helps me destress and unwind, though I don’t get to do it as much during the week as I would like (too much life in the way). I like to clear my head and just think about the pattern and whatever ‘nonsensical’ topic pops in to my head (lol the concept of my blog). It’s great that it works so well for you with your insomnia!


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