Revealed 2 Palette!

 I want to apologize for the lighting! I’m trying to figure out how to get the lighting to work properly! 

I purchased the Revealed 2 Palette just shortly after it came out..I want to say 1-2 years ago. A couple things made me buy it. 1: I was wanting to branch out of the browns and try some blush colors and some that were out of the box. 2: It wasn’t too expensive..I got it for  $9.95! 3: It had 20 shadows.


I had never heard of the brand coastal scents so I was a little hesitate but I gave it a shot. I would say you get 8 matte shadows and 12 shimmer shadows which is pretty good! I swatched 1, 3, 9, 14, & 17!

IMG_1350.jpg                      IMG_1353.jpg

Pros: Shadows have good pigmentation- even the light colors are pigmented nicely!, Applies well- you don’t have to dip it in several times, Good color variety- 20 shadows! Price is amazing- $19.95 for 20 shadows!

Cons: Packaging isn’t the greatest- I don’t care for the cardboard type packaging, Fallout- there is fallout and it can be a little messy, No mirror- I don’t really care if there’s a mirror or not but if I was in a hurry it would be convenient

Overall, I love this palette and I’m glad I purchased it. I plan on getting the others as well. Let me know if you have tried this & you thoughts.

Chat later!

  •  Liz



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