St Patricks Day Nail Polish

Valentines is over now were moving onto St Patricks Day! I went to the store and looked at the nail aisle to see if anything was new. Sure enough, they had some new polish in the sinful colors brand. They looked like spring colors to me but they also had a shamrock one for St Patricks Day! I had to pick it up and I grabbed a glittery green one too.

The first one is called “Green Ocean”. The color is a greenish/teal color with glitter that shines rainbow colors. I would say it’s a jelly polish because it has a little bit of color to the base but not much.


The second one is called “Feeling Lucky?”. This one has a clear base and the glitters are small dark green glitters, a little bit bigger lime green glitters, and gold shamrocks! It’s just a glitter top coat I would say.


I swatched the colors on paper to show you what they look like.


Let me know if you picked these up or are you going. Chat Later!

  • Liz



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