Book Suggestion

One thing I didn’t mention is I am an avid reader..I go through stages where I like to read but then months later I hate it, but for the New Year I told myself I’m going to stick to it!

I came across a book by Sadie Robertson called Live Original..this book is so amazing! She talks about how to deal with certain situations and how you should approach them, she gives you positive quotes and bible verses that you can memorize or like me I wrote them down on my phone. When I’m upset or being negative about something, I turn to those and realize just to breath and let it go because it happened and I can’t go back to fix whatever it was. Her book is me it makes you feel like yourself and inspires you to do better each day. Ever since I’ve read her book I think I’m more of a positive and happy person than I was before..I wasn’t always down or anything but if something bad happened or something didn’t go as planned I wouldn’t be happy and now I know just go with the flow.

I totally recommend this book to anyone! It’s directed more towards teens but I think anybody would enjoy reading it.

Let me know if you read it. Chat later!

  • Liz

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