New makeup find..

When I started this blog, I mentioned that I’m into drugstore makeup and I wanted to share a recent find with you. I’m not sure when it came out but I noticed it in my local Walmart a few days ago. It’s the Wet n Wild Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette. They had 2 different is called Bare Necessities and one called Nude Awakening. I picked up Bare Necessities because it has more gold and brown shades..If I remember right the other had more pink and purple shades. I believe I paid around $5 for it which is pretty fair.

Now I’m going to get into the pros & cons.

Pros: Has good pigmentation, 10 different shadows, lasts all day, and it’s worth the value.

Cons: Only 3 matte shadows, it does have fallout, and the case is hard to open.

Overall, this is a pretty good palette! I love the shades and the colors are really pigmented. The shadow is soft and smooth to apply. I don’t know if I’ll ever use the black but 9/10 isn’t bad. There’s also only 3 matte shadows..that doesn’t bother me too much because I like the shimmer ones.

I did a few swatches of 2, 4, 8, and 9! Like I said they are really pigmented.


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have tried this feel free to share your opinion!

Chat later!

  • Liz

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